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Tricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390

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ProduktTricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390
KategoriBegagnade trumpeter
Pris50000 kr
Tricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390
Tricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390
Tricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390
Tricky Inderbinen "Quarter tone" B11-K1390

Läs nedan vad Lasse Linfgren skriver om denna trumpet

Inderbinen "Tricky", a unique Bb trumpet, with the bell called "Extra"
A fantastic trumpet, huge and enormous sound, more suitable as solo instrument, don't blend with other trumpets in a section.
Thomas Inderbinen made this instrument for me.
I asked him to make a Quarter tone trumpet and he did.
The bell is also made for me, many years ago he asked me what I wanted from him, I said a trumpet with a good Double C and a sound like a flugelhorn. Impossible he said and laughed, no I said,,and Im sure you can make it. It took him 10 years to find out how to do it, and the result is something "Extra", amazing trumpet.
And then, also the 4th vale for playing quarter tone's, exiting indeed.
Great instrument!

Bore: 11,89 mm.

Bell: 150 mm.

Price new USD: 6600.